By Jo

One of the most difficult aspects of chronic pain has to be how it has affected my self-esteem. I went from being a completely independent senior graphic designer, making good money, having my own apartment, managing all my finances and mental state, and seeing a wide group of friends on a regular basis, to a dependant woman on disability who now needs to rely upon medical staff, counsellors, friends, and family just to get through each hour of every day. This drastic change not only affected every aspect of my life, but every aspect of my self esteem. Since I could no longer support myself financially, I felt horrible needing to rely upon disability insurance and government assistance. Moreover, I lost my job due to the chronic pain, lost my apartment, my financial and mental state dwindled, and also my social circle drastically decreased. Needless to say, this was the darkest time of my life because I no longer felt worthy of anything. How could I have any self-esteem when I no longer can contribute to society or be there for my family or friends? I considered myself to be a burden on society, and my social circle. This realization hit me hard, and due to my lack of self-esteem brought on me by my chronic pain, my depression went in a downward spiral. read more